Having Faith that 2021 will be better than this.

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Covid 19 has changed the tone of America. It seems like, the little people that are trying to stay afloat, are also being drowned by greed. Greedy corporations, greedy people, and greed politicians. How is there vaccine for Covid 19 but no vaccine or cure for cancer, diabetes, fibroids or HIV? I mean if it only takes nine months, what is taking so long for a cure? I don't know about you but I want to see how the first batch of people turn out before anything goes in my body. Plus what's in the vaccine is frightening.

How did all the big businesses get billions of dollars to stay open and small business have to pay big taxes, fire their employees, get loans, spend their savings and eventually close down? How is this even fair?

The media is using stock file footage to scare the public to show you overcrowded hospitals yet when I drive around LA the only thing I see overcrowded are testing sites, food donations and Wal-Mart ( Wal-Mart lines are the worst). Speaking of food, if everyone has been eating under a tent all this time and safely then why can’t this continue? Why are politicians fuckin with the money? Speaking of money why does it take millionaires another eight months to figure out how to give citizens a check? Seems like "We The People" meant we the politicians are protected. Politicians, Police, Military, lawyers and judges are the people. Celebrities, the news, and Hollywood keeps us entertained to not see what's really going on out here. Then the working people with jobs, a business, paying taxes, paying rent, trying to survive life are screwed over due to Covid 19? No, we're screwed because the government isn't helping. Period.

This year during a world crisis, black men and women were still killed by the police for no reason and received no justice. Men and women went missing from the military and found dead received no justice. Black men found hanging from trees and the autopsy claims suicide. The world keeps going backwards. Trump could give two shits about what is going on, long as his golf course is open who cares. For Trump to do all he has done in four years how could he be invincible? Rape accusations, ripping families apart, putting kids in cages, associations with Jeffery Epstein, Mr. Stand back and stand by, is invincible when he should've been out of office years ago. Trump cheats the system his whole life and he got to stay in office. If politicians really cared he would've been gone. Thank God in one month we will have the pleasure to see Trump pack up and leave and a black woman unpack and move in. I hope we see Trump go to jail too.

The best thing that happened this year is Verzuz and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion. I'm glad Will and Janet got closure and ended the feud. Everyone looked great and even Little Nicki came, like it was the best reunion I've ever seen and the most tears I have cried. However, let's keep it 100, that show was not only never the same when Janet Hubert was let go, not having her there hurt the show for me. The sass, intelligence, fun, humor and root of the character disappeared. What makes me sick about casting you take the dark skin character off and put in a light skin character? If we are not already divided enough, Hollywood has to play a part in our division and what are you trying to say?

Let's talk about division real quick. After Halloween a woman shared a photo of her daughters dressed as Tobsy and Bobsy from Lovecraft Country. I said why would you dress your child as a stereotype of slave. I was told to let the kids have fun and the power is being taken back by dressing up and its cosplay. Out of all the characters Ruby, Hippolyta, Leticia, Diane, you dress your child as a slave stereotype? The character Tobsy is from Uncle Tom's cabin and was suppose to show how wrong slavery is but all it did is paint of picture of how we need them to save and help the black race because we're so stupid and helpless. Post cards, stamps, posters were created to show this stereotype of slavery and sent around the world and that's what you let your child dress up as, a pickaninny? Which by the way means a little black girl when you google it which is what the character Tobsy is referred to. Racist white people don't only keep us divided black people have a hand too because all I see and hear is the laughter of racist white people watching those kids in that "costume" still be a stupid Kneegrow as my twin says. The episode was not to be inspired to dress your kids up as a stereotype but to teach you how they saw us and you missed the entire point to have fun and lose your power. Everything in our history isn't meant to be to be taken back, leave that racist shit where it is.

No matter what is going on in your life have faith in what you do, trust yourself, listen to your inner voice and breathe. 2021 has to be better than this.

Luv Ya Much ❤

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