End the Genocide on Black Lives in 2020

On May 25th 2020, George Floyd who was a Security Guard, father, and loved by his friends and family was murdered by a racist white Police Officer Derek Chauvin. Three other coward Police Officers including Tou Thao a racist Asian man stood by proudly hearing the sounds of George pleading for his life stating he could not breathe and did nothing to stop it. After riots and protest the past four days; May 29, 2020, Derek Chauvin is arrested for George's murder. George's autopsy report states there is nothing that supports he died of asphyxia or strangulation. The combination of force and health problems caused his death. So now these bastards are trying to do whatever they can to let him get away with this when we know damn well its bullshit. Including all of this horror going on on the Black Community, the President tweeted this morning that the Thugs protesting and looting he will have the military start shooting. If this is not a war and genocide on Black lives then I don't know what is and honestly I want to wake up from this American horror story. Black people please keep protesting at the White House, Police Stations, go to congress and these murderers homes because we must not be loud enough for them to hear and see, we ain't playing with you! We need to come together as black people and end the genocide on Black lives in 2020.

We need Black Leaders Black Panthers

We need a new age of educated black men and women to lead the new revolution. We need someone to go the Capitol, go to the protest, organize rallies and demonstrations and be our voice. We can't have anyone half stepping. Of course stepping up and leading our people can lead to death. Malcolm, Martin, Huey, Bobby, all lead us and died. When they died no one stepped up to help end this genocide. Even with Black Lives Matter some of their leaders mysteriously died suddenly. We need leaders as our doctors, lawyers, congressmen, nurses, police, EMT, doctors, we need as many of us as possible. There is no balance and we need to create it. I understand why old generations would push their kids to be doctors, cops, lawyers and own businesses that involve protecting our people. We need a new age 2020 Black Panther Party. Any black men or women that can get armed needs to with all types of weapons. We need them to police the police and make it legal where if we see them killing us we take action period. We need the Black Panthers in neighborhood, streets, roofs, alleys, markets, parks, armed, filming and ready to shut the racist white men, women, and racist Police Officers down. There is no other way.

Black Women can't do this Alone

We need our black men to step up. We need our black men to step up. I swear when I was thinking over the Black Panther Party, something whispered "just do it your damn self, save our people" who is that voice all us black women have that tells us we don't need our men do help us when we do. This is a Jim Crow mind fuck that needs to end from the day the slave kidnapper made our ancestors watch our men being tortured, raped and murdered somewhere down this generational curse we don't let our men lead or help. We need black men to step up for his women and children. We need black men to get back with the black family and raise leaders! All these gangs need to stop fighting over blocks and start fighting over their rights. No matter what hood your from you have the same rights as the next black man and woman. Stop fueling violence killing your own men and women and take that energy on the KKK, racist white police officers and the racist white women making false claims. Stop being bloods and crypts and start being Black Panthers! Fuck owning the block, fight for your life and build an army fighting for your brothers life, your sisters life. The biggest gang in the world is the war on black lives and the street gangs need to become soldiers and take that energy out on the revolution.

Stop Asking and expecting White People to Care

Stop asking for their white tears to care for us. These are the same racist that protest the Malls, beaches, salons and tanning beds to be open during a pandemic. After a week or two protesting America is open just like that. Yet after 155 years of protesting we are still being hunted and killed. Just like our parents taught us about slavery, underground railroad and events that happened in black history; racist white people teach their malice and horrific history towards our people to their kids. They know they are wrong but if you have all the power would you give up privilege to make things right? No, well there is your answer. Black people need to help themselves and stop being scared to fight for our own rights in a Country our ancestors not only built but were here already minding their black business. White people know the truth and what they did and they are scared of us that's why they kill us. The white people that march and understand that it is not right to kill another person based on the color of their skin and knows slavery was wrong and are really down for the movement, thank you. Still, don't look and expect for all their help when they have had 155 years to make this right and here we are burying another black man for nothing.


I'm a bisexual woman, I put the B in LGBTQ period! I got into a debate about the injustice in the Trans Community and how the black heterosexuals do not support or protest their deaths. After some back and forth and thinking the entire conversation over they are absolutely right. I have never heard my straight friends talk about the injustice in the Trans community and its sad. I'm glad my eyes are open to the fact as black people if they kill one of us gay, straight, or trans then we should band together and fight for their rights period. However, right now all black lives are in jeopardy, straight, gay, transgender and lesbian lives are in jeopardy every single day. Our sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with what is going on right now. To the police ,the KKK, the racist white children being born and raised are being trained to kill us. It is a bonus for us to be bi, gay, lesbian or transgender but the clear target is to kill and harm black people first because we are black! We are Kings and Queens and our ancestors built this Country. Wake up! Everyone black needs to be apart of this movement they are killing us! When a cop sees you, they never see your sexual orientation. If you gay, transgender, lesbian and you don't support your own black movement you are part of the problem.

I'm a black woman, exhausted

We need to not only discuss but plan what steps are we going to take to protect ourselves? Shit I'm ready to drive to the white house and shout. After four days the Officer that murdered George Floyd has been arrested however the autopsy stated he died from an underline heart condition and not from the Officer having his body weight and knee on his neck. Basically they are showing us, we will kill you and get away with it by any means. So I feel by any means I will do whatever it takes to protect my black life and end this genocide once and for all.

Are you with me?

“If violence is wrong in America, violence is wrong abroad. If it is wrong to be violent defending black women and black children and black babies and black men, then it is wrong for America to draft us, and make us violent abroad in defense of her. And if it is right for America to draft us, and teach us how to be violent in defense of her, then it is right for you and me to do whatever is necessary to defend our own people right here in this country.” -Malcolm X

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