Love Rage Everything Else

Inside look at my poetry book. Link at the bottom for purchase.

I love to sit and read a book that makes me go into a world I haven’t been to and the journey into that world that the author builds using only their imagination.

As an author I don’t revisit my books too often, I thought it would be fun to take myself to my favorite Starbucks on a warm day as rain was on the way that week and had a tall ice mocha which is awesome! Go on my amazon kindle app and open my very own poetry book Love Rage Everything Else. Fun fact this book was almost called The Written Mix-tape, inside me is a rapper trying to climb to shine baby. Love Rage Everything Else starts off as a love story in a way, when you read King it’s the beginning of a relationship, beginning a love affair and they progress into Risk it All, Down with You and she even becoming aggressive in love with Akasha. Love never stays love so of course there is doubt, fear, and cheating and fear of losing someone. God Don’t take Him, she was questioning God why, why him, why now and praying on a daily basis like every second praying God don’t take him, that poem can help anyone. Sometimes as an author you have to build hurt to get out of your own hurt and hope your hurt helps someone else heal hopefully as your healing. Rage is what some people deny they have for a person during the relationship and after the breakup. Pissed off, not taking it, fed up and DONE. NJC stands for New Jack City, for me Nino Brown was my Scarface (I’m born in 85) so I wanted to make a poem from a woman’s point of view. I wanted to honor a classic film and I believe anyone that likes the movie would appreciate the poem. If No Good was a song I would pass it to Fantasia to sing, amen. My inspiration was Aretha Franklin bringing some soul to my poetry. Savage is a special poem because it wasn’t supposed to make the book it was literally the last poem and its similar to No Fuck Boys Allowed because in a way it’s the same poem give or take some words. Everything Else is all those other feelings, those confident, boss, naughty and who she was before she fell in love and becoming who she is meant to be. My Time, Own it and Queen B Shit is her journey into becoming herself, fighting for herself. This poetry book reminded me at the end of any relationship you learn something, she learns to love everything else that makes her special, I learned to love myself and the journey I’m on as a writer. Love Rage Everything Else is available now on Amazon Kindle.

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