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Antebellum Review

After watching Antebellum twice and appreciating Janelle Monae's performance as Veronica Henley I have mixed feelings about the movie overall. It wasn't enough for me. Now am I tripping or did the movie trailers look like Veronica somehow went back into the past and as a slave but the dimensions between real time and past time keep clashing and everyone waiting on sis for the plan to escape because she's that chick. Well that was not even close to what the movie is about, if you haven’t seen it, please skip to the next post if you have let’s talk about this because I feel some type of way.

I have split feelings about the movie, and I'm having a hard time accepting what could be and what isn't in this movie. So basically black people are kidnapped and forced to be a slave in today's time. I found it strange that everyone went into “slave mode” in modern times and no one fought back. Everyone was scared and did what the white men told them to do, they had old guns but still guns and I believe a sword. I don't understand how black people wouldn't make a solid plan and escape or kill them or set the plantation on fire, so the possibility of this happening didn’t seem believable for me at all. Black people ain't going for slavery in any time modern or back to the future we ain't doing it. I also noticed the men and women were very much separated and no one could speak to each other to form a plan but damn you can't escape independently? I get they have guns, I get its like fifty white men on the plantation but over one hundred slaves I mean where is the power in numbers? Their way out in the middle of nowhere so it seems but when you look back its maybe fifteen miles from actually civilization? Why couldn’t like ten people be in on the plan at the end of the movie? We naturally nosey, no one was looking out the window?

The only thing that got me thinking it could be believable, is sex trafficking is real and you never know where people are kidnapped and sold to, there could be slavery going on right now in a small town and we would never know. The women were used as sex slaves in the movie. But at the same time, its just not believable, I feel like you would have to go to war with all of us before that ever happens again. PERIOD. I understood Veronica's fear, it’s a terrifying situation. Once we knew she was this smart woman who studied black history, slavery, she studied American history so she knew how the system operated. In the beginning they show Veronica being beaten and branded on her back for running then she settled and didn’t try to leave again, which didn’t fit her character. Her character was this motivational speaker that uplifted black people and spoke on systematic racism, wrote books and she doesn’t flinch, she’s not scared to speak her mind, her truth and she knows who she is. When she’s kidnapped its like she totally lost herself, what happened to her? I would’ve liked to see her fight and then become defeated for a minute and then flash to who she is and herself outside of the nightmare and then pull herself back together. She started off weak? Why? It made no sense to make her a weak character when she was so strong? Are they saying slavery would break us just like that?

Here is my thing, black people have more slave movies than love stories and I'm tired of it. We get it, what I don't get is where are all the holocausts movies? Where are the movies about the Armenian geocide? Where are the movies about the Vietnam war? Why are we reminded every year or two in a brand new movie staring the best black actor and black actress and our favorite white actor who we can't imagine being racist but they do it so well they earn an Oscar in a movie about slavery? Is this a mental mind fuck to mentally remind us that they can do it again at any time? Are these movies entertainment, threats or reminders?

The ending was unsatisfying and wasn't enough for me. Of course, she’s going to get out, but why couldn’t we see the sista go home to her family? Why couldn’t we see the rest of the white men and women that kept them hostage get arrested and put in jail? Why couldn't we see it as national news, a trial, and justice? Why couldn’t we get closure after such a traumatic situation? Why couldn't we see the rest of the black men and women that were hostages freed? That goes to show, we can’t have justice in a movie or in real life. I can take the movie as black Americans are still slaves in modern times and we don’t accept it, we don't know it. I mean look at our situation, every week a black person is killed by the police and there is barley any justice at all. They still do and treat us how they want too and get away with it just like this movie and only two black people are fighting for freedom while everyone else is scared and one makes it to free them all. Even in a movie we have strong numbers but no plan and divided by fear, just like in reality.

They could've showed this shit on the CW for free on a Tuesday.

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