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Chile 2021 has been calm, sort of. Well except for the Trump terrorist's at the Capital, the dumbass grown ass Gorilla Glue woman that in my opinion ruined black history month for me (she just did I said what I said). Finally getting news about the stimulus check which I need in the next 7-14 business days. There is a vaccine that I am not taking until I do the proper research, I am glad my family and friends are brave enough to take the next steps so we can go outside and play. While settling in my new state and slowly putting Pearl's Palace back together with new prices and possibly a pop up shop, I have been looking at a lot of new movies staring our beautiful melanin people that I am LIVING for and some not so much. Let's recap shall we.

Malcom and Marie ...what's love really got to do with it

This is not the movie I thought I would be watching. First of all I LOVE black and white classic film look, made it more dramatic. Even the credits starting in the beginning was cool. I lived for the monologs, the monologs were brutal and every line was executed perfectly. I believe John Washington and Zendaya are Malcom and Marie, a couple arguing the night of Malcom's movie premiere because Marie feels like he made a film about her life and never acknowledged her for it. As toxic as the conversation was I believe we all get to a breaking point with someone we love and have toxic conversations. With these characters I think they should've broken up a long time ago. I mean Marie needed him to break her drug habit and Malcom is a filmmaker that's breaking into Hollywood using Marie as inspiration. Its such a catch 22 writing about someone's story that also has to do with your story. I can see Marie's anger and she had every right to be mad. Zendaya is a grown woman and I lived for her delivery on this movie, I completely forgot I was looking at a Disney star, she is a star period.

John proved he can act his ass off with this film, I believe he was the arrogant director he played and owed sis an apology for forgetting to thank her during the premiere after making the story of her life to be criticized. Malcom is the type of guy that knows he's hurting you and still call it love. Malcom dismisses her feelings throughout the movie and Marie is stating her case on why she's hurt. Why do women have to be lawyers with our own got damn feelings. I thought it was a love story? When really there are only moments of love in the film but no real, raw love. As usual a man doesn't see what he did wrong until hours, days or years later with a half ass apology. Can you image how many apologies he's said while writing, casting, and directing the movie of her life? I hope Marie leaves his ass someday. The movie was cool, it for the monologs and the mac and cheese moment.

Coming 2 America for the culture

So I was looking how Eddie Murphy looks in this photo when it was announced a sequel is on the way. Why do we need this this sequel? Is Eddie Murphy ok? Please don't have Madea in Zamunda. The first one is classic and everyone will compare it to the classic. Its like 30 years later, do we need this? Then the pictures with the celebrity cast was looking real Soul Planeish, I didn't know what to expect and just prayed it would be good. It was cute, for the culture. It was looking corny in the beginning it really was. Then once En Vouge came out with Salt and Pepper I was vibing with it and put the first movie out of my mind. I found it strange that Akeem had a son in New York, even after explaining he was high it still didn't make sense or seem like the character. Leslie Jones was hilarious the entire time, I loved her character. Everyone looked amazing especially my girl Teyana Taylor and baby I was praying they let her sing and the did and I lived for it , I just love her. I loved the African dancing shout out to Fatima Robertson she did that choreography. The clothes were amazing I want everyone's outfit on God.

Apart of me likes it, its hilarious, the little repeats of history moments were cute however I didn't like the storyline at all. I hated how Akeem looked over his daughter that would be the first Queen ruler of Zamunda to find a long lost son in New York. It didn't sit right with me, you mean after 30 years women have no rights in Zamunda? Hell no. I didn't like how women were portrayed in the movie, Teyana Taylor's character all that dancing and singing that passion yet she would be so submissive to the Lionel for what to be a Queen? Really? Yeah that's the only thing I couldn't stand about this movie. Forreal, please don't make anymore sequels to this movie. I cannot and will not watch another one. Give us Raw 2021 Eddie, that's what the world needs and we ready.

The United States Vs Billie Holiday

Oh my God. This is the best movie of the year for me. Adura Day bodied Billie Holiday from the hair, her voice, her attitude I believed sis was Billie. The Golden Globe for best actress was well deserved to this beautiful talented lady. You can't compare it to the one with Diana Ross this is a totally different movie and can't be compared. What I like is how they showed black FBI agents were spying on our people and helping to bring them down. The FBI wanted to end her over her song Strange Fruit which lyrically talked about the lynching of black people all over the country. What I found strange was white people loving the song, you mean to tell me you love a song that your friends, family, and maybe Klan members you know hunt, murder and lynch our people? Did they truly understand the song and what she was talking about or just enjoying a song because they enjoyed doing it?

Billie's traumatic childhood, the men she chose to love, how she treated her friends, her heroin addiction, shit sis was bisexual. Billie lived one hell of a life and fought her way to be the legend she is today. Her drug addiction was like anyone else's that's involved in Hollywood. The men she chose were terrible, its like she she didn't think she deserved real genuine love or maybe since she never experienced it she never knew what it was. Here is this glamorous singer that loves horrible men, that beat her, cheated her out her money, even the one that set her up that was an FBI agent. He helped them put Billie Holiday in jail over the song, a song that speaks the truth until this very day. Billie didn't deserve what she went through in life. I cried at the end learning how they let her die in the hospital when she was sick. They let her die alone. They cuffed her and arrested her for drugs while she was dying, she was dying. The FBI is cold hearted as fuck. Her legacy lives on even though they tried everything kill it, her spirit still lives.

American Skin

I have serve up and down feelings about this movie, I only appreciate the conversation in the middle of the movie with the police and the prisoners, and the people. Now that whole scene gave me life and spoke volumes about how every generation views what's going on. Even the prisoners had a say in how they feel being profiled. So Spike Lee hyped up this movie that Nate Parkers wrote and directed . He played the character Link, whose son was killed by the police and a year later gets no justice in his sons murder. Of course black people riot and the police chief has the nerve to ask the Mother to ask the people to stop rioting after letting the murderer go free.

So the Link takes matters in his own hands while doing a documentary for some teenagers in college. Link takes over the police station and confronts Officer Reyes that killed his son. Their in the integration room, Reyes is handcuffed, its all dramatic and gangster at the same damn time. Then the scene is a let down, now you mean to tell me the Father confronts the Officer Reyes that killed his son and no ass whipping is involved? No pistol whipping, no stomping him out, no Tyson Floyd Mayweather knock out, not even a ninja kick? Nah. So Link has a mini trial of his own with the jury being the prisoners, the public in the station, and the college student directing the documentary. There was one part where the cop says the kid was going to pull out a gun when really he's just mad he is being filmed and shot him out of anger and hate. How many times have we seen authority and power take lives from innocent black people like Sandra Bland and Philando Castile.

Officer Reyes is found guilty , and the chance comes for Link to get justice for his son by shooting Reyes in the head. He even makes him say goodbye to his son and wife on the phone. Link decides to not take the Reyes life and just hope that now with the documentary and Reyes thinking about what he did changes things. I guess. The other part that turned me off is Link was killed while walking out the station with his hands up and with the Officer that killed his son, he didn't get a fair trial Reyes got. At the end Link never got any justice at all and its sad. The movie screamed to me you can confront the racism, you can have these conversations, you can even confront the monster but at the end of the day the color of our skin gets us killed no matter how many conversations we have. I hope that's what Spike Lee and Nate Parkers intentions were with the film. At the end of the day did the cop change? Did their department change how they view black people? No, probably just gave the wife millions of dollars for the murder of her son and husband to soften the grief. I felt no closure from the movie and feel like we still won't win in fiction or real life. Um I wonder why in movies like this never give us a happy ending we deserve in real life or in movies.

Judas and the Black Messiah

Fred Hampton was the shit. If you have seen the Black Panther movie made in 1995 then you can see how the FBI played a huge roll in shutting down. The Black Panther movement. Fred Hampton was doing everything right to bring the people together and get justice, respect and freedom for everybody including white non racist and our Hispanic and Asian community. The way Daniel Kaluuya portrayed him was so fucking powerful, his speeches were moving and brings chills to you bones, he became Fred for this role. The passion was so moving make me wanna do more for the people because baby I live for the people forreal.

WIlliam O'Neal (Bill) who is played by LeKeith Stanfield's made me hate him but understand him up to a point. What was he suppose to do? So Bill stole a car and the FBI caught him , so instead of sentencing him to years of prison he told him to basically spy on the Black Panthers and especially Fred and let him know what their doing. While Bill spied on the Panthers he learned they feed the children before school, had rallies to get justice for the innocent black men and women killed by the police, patrolled the neighborhood to make sure the police weren't killing innocent people, the members of the Panthers that talked and believed in what they were doing and died doing it. Bill also saw Fred in love with a woman that held him down until the very end, yet he still snitched and betrayed the movement. Fred was in his 20s helping and uplifting our black people in Chicago. Can you imagine Chicago now if the movement lived on?

I watched the first and last interview Bill did called Eyes on the Price, bro was just stupid. He thought he was joining a gang and had no idea what the movement was about since he grew up in the suburbs with no issues. He thought he was a real FBI agent and he was betraying the entire movement. Bill is questioned if he did he give Fred sleeping pills so when the police shot up his apartment he wouldn't be awake for it and die in his sleep. Did he overdose him or maybe he was already dead before the police shot him? Bill had the nerve to say he was upset because he didn't know that the raid on the Panthers when if he did give him the pills he did know and he lied on film. Bill went on to live his life and even take his own on his terms but didn't give a damn about what he did to not only Fred but to our people. If it be your own kind was a picture it would be of William O Neal.

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