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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Toyko Olympics Racism at its Finest

It is no surprise that the Toyko Olympics doesn't want any black girl magic to shine. First of all the racism is looking mighty real in these streets. My Dallas Queen Sha'Carri Richardson was suspended from competing after finding Marijuana in her system. Now my thing is she started smoking when she found out her Mother died during an interview which happened in June. Weed is damn near legal and it doesn't make you run any faster or slower. Sis broke records by running 100 meters making a new record, in orange hair, lashes and long ass SWV nails. Yet I don't remember Michael Phelps being disqualified for shit and he was photographed smoking a bong.

FINA is finna get they ass whooped for banning swimming caps that are made for black womens hair, saying it will slow down other competitors, and I heard they have never seen caps that size before and are not required. What the entire fuck are they talking about? Regular swim caps do not cover our hair so what is the problem? We have thick luscious hair that don't fit those tiny ass caps they sell. Then my African sistas Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi are disqualified for the NATURAL testosterone in their system. No shots, not born male, just natural testosterone.

Plus white folks are big mad at Gwen Berry for not giving a damn about the national anthem like that edited or original song was made for us. Its not and its not a law that anybody has to stand, sing or agree with the national anthem especially when black men women and children are still being killed and not receiving justice from the system. Wish white people had that same energy for black lives like they do for a flag and the anthem. Now the latest is cardboard beds to prevent sex during the Olympics. If it was me I wouldn't participate and how Covid Part 2 Delta Remix is looking ain't nobody going to the Olympics and Toyko Olympics committe can go to hell with their mess.

It is a damn shame we can't compete in the Olympics in peace. Can't be black and have peace in the damn Olympics then where can we have peace? I guess at home.

Wendy Williams been Wendy Williams calm down

So a tick toc rapper Swavy died, he was murdered and Wendy Williams reported it but reported it like she would report anything. She started by saying he has more followers than her, looked at his photo up and down and admitted she didn't know who he was and nobody in the room knew who he was. First of all may the young man rest in peace and I hope his murder is solved.

At the same time why are these Instagram, tick toc, twitter people becoming famous? I have heard about too many rappers I had no clue about died but no one knew who they were or they were local. Like its so easy to be a celebrity now a days without putting in the work to become one. Instagram influencer like what the hell is that? So I get where Wendy was coming from but maybe she should've reported it more gently and spoke on internet stars being considered stars OR save that topic for another time.

What I can't stand is people that have never watched her show blowing up what she says and does on the show. On top of calling her Wendell, a transwoman, saying that's why her husband left her or just being disrespectful to her when this is what she does for a living before she got on TV. Its like disrespecting her is not gonna make her stop her from being her. Plus if you're disrespecting her a black woman that made her way to the top on her own, went through 5 miscarriages yet still calling her a man, and has the number one talk show out here then maybe you're the problem. I mean I was mad as fuck at Wendy over the Aaliyah movie, I stopped watching her show for a month.

Bill Cosby is free

On June 30th 2021 Bill Cosby was set free due to being sued on a case that was already closed. He paid the accuser off a long time ago and she still sued him and he's been in jail since 2018. White people are pissed off the comments were insane on facebook all day. As a victim of sexual assault it happened so long ago, me personally I would not take my rapist to trial after over 20 years have passed, I wouldn't look for money, justice or any of that because God gonna deal with him when the time comes and karma is very real. What bothers me is all these women waited over 50 years to say something and I believe its over a dozen women all famous in some way. Bill Cosby is blind, I believe he has some sort of medical condition that hasn't been confirmed because him thinking he can go on a comedy tour after getting out of prison for rape seems extremely delusional to me and ain't nobody checking for him no more. His name and reputation is ruined if that is not justice served and karma at its finest I don't know what is. He should enjoy his retirement and chill with his wife and family.

Congratulations to MJ Rodriguez for FINALLY get nomination for her roll on Pose as best actress. So proud of her and its about damn time. Pose ended after 3 seasons and I am greatful for having this show in my life to open my eyes to transwomen, gay men and the crazy shit our community goes through that I never thought of and had no idea. I thank this show for being ground breaking and showing laughter, love, saddness, heartbreaking honesty, bold truth and just overall a great cast, director, creator and show. Billy Poter also nominated baby brought tears on the show and real life I love him and glad that he set his own truth free by coming out HIV positive. What a wonderful man and the journey it has been for him.

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Pearl's Palace Moving Day

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