Lady's View Episode 15 Ye

We need to talk about Ye formally know as Kanye West

First of all, when we talk about Kanye as an artist, he is amazing. Period.

If we talk about his marriage, he’s crazy. Almost everything Kanye says now days is crazy. Celebrities such as DL Hughley have inserted themselves in Kanye’s marriage and tell him to get help he is crazy, if Kim was my daughter I’d beat his ass is what he said. Pete Davidson even said to Kanye I’m in Bed with your wife, (which are fighting words idc) and offer to help Kanye because he’s crazy. This is the same Pete Davidson that made a joke about having sex with a baby that Kim allows in her home while her kids are there but Kanye is crazy.

What the fuck?

I know the world got sensitive but I didn’t know the world was blind. So how in one breath we are opening up about mental health, especially for black men you know; don’t be ashamed, share what your feeling, we will help you and in the next remind the man he is crazy? I don’t understand, everything he says is dismissed instead of just listening to what he is saying especially about his kids. Everyone is just dismissing his concern for his kids being around a man Kim has known for five months. There have been a few facts about Pete Davidson that I am side eying the shit out of and with Kim history of jumping into relationships head first no fucks given, sis should be alone for a while. How are you with somone for ten years and dating like its not 2022, its different out here in these Gen Z streets. Kim might need to do her for a minute work on Kim. Ye needs to be alone especially with these Kim lookalikes that don’t make no damn sense. How you got one from Walmart and the other from Target we are not doing this with you, be by yourself Ye.

If anyone has watched the Kanye documentary on Netflix then we should all know by now he been arrogant as hell since day one. With his talent I don’t blame him, be cocky, be real and be the best and that’s what he has done. Kanye is the same just a 2.0 Kanye with money the only thing that changed is he got billions. Shit if you go from having five hundred in your pocket to five million you gonna act different too. If it wasn’t for Coddie we would’ve never known this grind side to Kanye and to see the real Kanye before the fame fame it’s a breath of fresh air. If you’re an artist you complete understand Kanye artistry, he is on that list of legendary.

What I love about this is documentary is we get to meet Donda West before her passing. We get a wonderful idea of who she was, not just to Kanye but her family. Just thinking of her warms my heart. One thing about a man, he loves his mother, Kanye loved his mother. Kanye is an only child and his mother supported his entire career. I’m sure when most people were telling him he won’t make it, and he’s dreaming that his mother was telling him he would make it and to live his dream. When you lose such a great mother, teacher, fan, support system, and unconditional love like Donda it has to hurt all the time it’s like damn, that’s who he trusted with his dream and she’s not here to live it with him.

One thing that stuck out for me was when Kanye was speaking about having confidence and not being scared to speak his mind and how when a black man speaks his mind he becomes a threat. I thought about men that spoke their mind and spread truth that are dead because black men are a threat to giving our people hope, guidance and being a leader we need. They always end up being crazy, controversial, talking too much about the industry or too woke by trying to build the community and keep our people motivated and educated. They end up being our Huey Newton, Fred Hampton, Malcom, Martin, Pac, Ali, XXXTentacion, Nipsey. Unfortunately we can be threats by calling someone crazy and not listening. Ya’ll mad about a video yet if Pete was a rapper ya’ll would be waiting for a response in the next seventy two hours. Y’all saying DL roast him and Steve Harvey go ahead when I thought they were better than that. The elders need to sit this one out because DL shouldn’t have spoken on Kanye situation trying to get in the relevant circle, that was petty. As an elder instead of poking fun at his mental health and dragging him why don't you call and check on him privately. Kanye didn't have no beef until DL opened his mouth. The Game stepped up and defended Kanye. Thank God another black man stepped in, thats what black men should do but we got centuries to go before that happens since everyone is after clout.

Social Media ain't shit sometimes

The worst place to go when your mad, sad, lost or feeling like shit. This society has gotten use to going to the internet to vent everything. This is no different from Kanye doing the same thing. Is he wrong? Yes, he exposed to much of his life to us out of sadness and some rage when it comes to the Pete and Kim situation. I have no problem with Kanye expressing he wants to see his kids and have them go to church or asking Pete to go to church like he asked numerous time while Pete was rambling like he a got damn therapist trying to help Kanye.

If Kanye’s Instagram post were on Facebook, he would've been in facebook jail a long time ago. Once you lash out on social media you turn from a victim to a villain for simply expressing how you feel or your opinion. And the worst part nobody listens but judges. DL Hughley and Trevor Noah got into their feelings and expressed something they should've said to Kanye in private. Kanye was then banned from The Grammys and Instagram for his post about Pete, Trevor, DL and Kim. Even though DL and Noah came at him Kanye is banned from saying something back. Thats the internet for you.

Unless Kim and Kanye settles this privately its just gonna get messier. I hope they find a way to work out money, custody and homes. Since Kim is practicing law I'm sure she already know what she's about to do, I just hope Kanye is ready. I pray Kanye finds a friend to talk to and vent out his frustrations to because nobody should hold in all the hurt and pain he feels. Hell Ye if you reading this call me boo boo. Call me.

Until next time on Lady's View

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