Lady's View Episode 2

Who made it a Law to Stand

Messy TMZ reported everyone in Beyonce and Jay-Z’s section wasn’t standing for the National Anthem…..oh my bad they only reported Bey and Jay and even Blue were not standing for the National Anthem. Jay-Z made a statement that they were in work mode and were not protesting to anything. I just find it funny that this is even an issue and other people were sitting, why is the focus on them and why does it matter? Who made it a law that you have to stand for the National Anthem? Why weren’t other people in their section mentioned, everyone did not stand and if people don’t stand who the fuck are you to question anyone’s right to stand. Play the Black National Anthem and see if they stand. Do they stand for our anthem?

Nicki Vs Meek Nicki is married to Mr. Petty and Meek has moved on with his girlfriend with a baby on the way. Tweets started going back and forth with Nicki claiming Meek hit her and sent his Mother the footage and Meek accused Nicki of knowing both her brothers were raping a little girl and everyone is divided. Meanwhile Meek decided to back off out of respect for his pregnant girlfriend. We know Nicki is lying because one Meek was on probation fighting for his freedom when he was with Nicki and two  Nicki is with a man with a past of rape also yet she's trying to say someone abused her yet in her songs she admits to being abusive herself. Gurl. Nicki has taken a lot of L’s the past few years and she married a man that I personally don’t think is good for her. It  makes me wonder if Onika is mentally and emotionally ok? Fuck the Nicki Minaj shit, seriously someone needs to check on Onika Maraj. I’m not a fan but seriously I pray she’s ok or at least talking to someone. Dating a broke man and all the family drama she needs to seek someone to keep her mentally stable because going after men that are happy and over you ain't the way to go especially if your married.

Oprah, Gayle, Susan vs Monique and Snoop Dogg What my sister Monique has been trying to tell our melanin people for years is Oprah is not for us she is for them. When I say them, I mean that rich upper white class society. Monique pinned an open letter to Oprah again asking why is she tearing down her own people and still hasn’t apologized for ruining Monquie’s career knowing the truth and Oprah will not respond. Since the Monique thing happened last year, I have observed Oprah not saying anything back, bashing Michael Jackson and stating she doesn’t care about any backlash. Then Gail bashing R. Kelly (who is super guilty) but I have not seen them interview or bash their white male friends like Harvey Winsten who is accused of multiple rapes and sexual assaults. When Gayle asked Lisa Lesile about Kobe’s rape case and the man hasn’t even been buried yet set Black America off and Snoop Dogg. Snoop popped off on Gail saying if she speaks ill of Kobe again, he’s gonna get her and for her and Oprah to stop tearing down black men who have passed away and to free Bill Cosby who is currently in prison for rapes from the 70s. This Susan news woman tweets back saying she’s has an army and bring it on. Snoop later apologized saying he didn’t threaten Gayle but meant what he said. Bill Cosby tweeting thanking Snoop for his support and agreed our women are being used to tear down their own men. I haven’t seen Oprah or Gayle reach out to Bill Cosby to see if he’s okay or how they can help his case after everything he has done for our people. I smell Oprah and Gayle’s karma coming soon for the betrayal of our people.

I need the rest of this black history month to go smoothly sheesh

Until next time on Lady’s View

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