Lady's View Episode 3

Verzuz is Epic as fuck

I'm living for the Jill Scott Vs. Erykah Badu Battle, this is everything for my spirit. This is more of a R&B and chill vibe rather than a battle. Both ladies look amazing playing classic hits songs for the soul. I needed this; everyone who loves soul music needs this. The news is depressing and sometimes I turn off the TV and listen to music. Erykah was talking about how Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop) was inspired by a song Common did and her version gave homage to his song. God, writing is so beautiful. One thing I love to do is write while listening to music to become inspired. This is the recharge any artist needs.

At first, I was upset because I was an hour late, after hearing Next Lifetime, and Fool’s Gold, I realized I came in right on time. I'm so lucky to be one of the 700 thousand watching history in the making. I didn't miss my favorite songs that brought back so many memories, and bringing so much clarity to my life now. Bag Lady, Blessed, Window Seat, The Way, classics. I wish more mainstream radio stations would play more R&B music or have R&B hours especially at night. Hip Hop can be soulful love songs. Baby when He Loves Me came on by Jill Scott, I thought of one of my good friends that I lived with back in college that played that record to 24/7. At the time I played out Brandy's Afrodisiac and those were the beginnings of good times vibing to different music, different stories, and artistic energy.

I love Erykah Badu she raised the bar when she came out, her spirit is wonderful. Appletree is EVERYTHING. Yassss. Erykah Badu is the definition of Black Girl Magic. I love Jill Scott as an actress, singer, and poet. Always and forever Getting in The Way will be my shit. The video of her walking to ol’ girl house, legendary. The R&B and chill session ended with a mini tribute with Jill Scott playing Cross My Mind in memory of Andre Harrell that passed away May 9, 2020. Looking back, I remember that video and feeling the vocals on the song back in the day. Perfect ending to give tribute to an icon.

It was just announced Nelly and Ludacris will be on Verzuz next Saturday (May 16th) and I am HHHHHEEEERRRREEEEE for it! I hope on God after watching Jill and Erykah that Brandy and Monica reconsider doing Verzuz. Make it about music, storytelling, and having fun! Jill and Erykah are the perfect example of making it more of sisterhood, and taking a refreshing trip down memory lane. Clearly, it doesn’t have to be a competition, let the energy take over and be free. Do it for the culture!

I love Verzuz, thank you for this. Verzuz is epic as fuck.

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