Lady's View Episode 4

We need to talk to Black Men

Black America woke up and discovered rapper Boosie Badazz, had grown women perform oral sex on his sons and nephews who are children. I watched a clip of Boosie say this proudly, boldly and normally that he had them "tricked out" and it makes me sick. I understand why black men have so many issues trusting a woman and being sexually comfortable with a woman because of this trauma. This is definitely a generational curse that needs to end. Queens, how many men have we dated or stories we heard in school of our male friends that have said, they were under 14 years old when having their first encounter with a grown woman? Just yesterday I heard about Boosie having a reality show like Flavor of Love. Didn't this man just say he tricks women on his own kids? He's the same man that was big mad at Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union supporting their son's transitioning? Can we have a discussion black men? What is going on? I almost feel sorry for men like Bossie and R Kelly because it's clear they were both taken advantage of and was made to feel like it is normal. Black men need to have an open conversation about this, this is the time and black men need to know this is not normal and it is not okay. So sad, those poor babies.

Amanda Seales Vs White Folks

Sis has a point up to a point and I'm going to tell you why. Last week actress Amanda Seales called out singer Justin Timberlake and other white celebrities that turned off their comments under Amahud's picture or had no comment or picture over the killing of Amhaud Arbery. I started thinking of white celebrities that I admire and scrolled through their Instagram to find none of them posted anything about Amhaud Arbery and I mean NONE. Then I started thinking, damn, do they give a fuck? All the songs and movies I watched and they don't give a fuck! Not one post on any of their social media networks? Then I started thinking more, well what if they have donated to the NAACP or other black organizations and I have no idea? I posted a blog a few weeks back "When will we have the luxury living while Black?". A white man replied to my post and was deflecting the hundreds of years of evil my race still has to deal with in 2020 by the hands of racist white Americans. I wish I didn't answer, because its going to be the same deflection by another racist white American every time, and I rather focus my energy on figuring out what can I do now to help stop the killing of my race before its too late. It is crystal clear to me that nobody white is going to save us or defend us harder than us. I'm not looking for the white race to feel sorry for black people or save us, we need to save ourselves. I don't know Justin Timberlake but I don't know what has he done to help my race and my race ain't been feeling him since the Janet Jackson situation back in 2004. He owe sis an apology, so if he didn't apologize for that and have her back back in the day, I'm not looking for his back on this today. So I get Amanda's point however a comment under a white celebrities photo isn't saving black lives sis.

White Privilege During Covid19

On May 2nd in Santee California, a white male went to a Vons grocery store in a KKK Hood. Instead of the store kicking him out expeditiously, they asked him to take off the Hood and it wasn't until he was about to pay for his groceries he took off the Hood at the register. The news and police will not release his name out of respect for him I guess because everything I find says "the man" not KKK Thug, or KKK Member or a KKK Terrorist just "the man". The police are not charging "the man" with a hate crime because the man expressed his frustrations with the Coronavirus and is tired of being told what he can and cannot wear. In other words, he always wanted to wear his Hood in the daytime and thought it would be a great idea to try it during a pandemic. "The man" also stated wearing the Hood was not intended to be a racial statement, really? I would like a PowerPoint presentation on how its not racial at all. We can't go to the grocery store in peace because they have made it okay for the KKK to wear their Hood in the daytime and shop, and the police and media respect him enough not to give out his name. The grocery store respected him enough to take his racist money for his food instead of asking him to leave the store.

Then a week later another man in the same area at a Food 4 Less was wearing a mask decorated with a rectangular swastika sign. That man who's name they are also not releasing removed the mask and went on with his day. Travis Miller a black man making a delivery in a Oklahoma gated community was held hostage because he was so suspicious in appliance and furniture delivery truck, blocked him in from leaving. On March 13, Breonna Taylor a black woman, 26 years old EMT worker was in her home peacefully sleeping and the police raided the wrong house and killed her shooting her from outside the house inside the wrong house! No arrest have been made on the police officers that did this. How is this legal? How is it right to murder us, call us thugs in the new, and rip apart our past but racist white men or women don't get the same treatment? What is crazier is how fast the beaches are allowed to be open, different states are opening stores, restaurants, bars, and shit like nothing is happening. They achieved all of this after a week of protest yet black people have protested about the injustice killings of unarmed black men and women for decades and we're still fighting and they get there way for a got damn haircut and sitting in a restaurant. White Privilege is at an all time high. Please be careful out there, I feel like this along with Corona will be black people's new normal.

Country Grammar Verzuz Move Bitch

I am so ready for this battle tomorrow. For anyone that grew up in the late 90s and 2000s has been waiting for this day between these two MCs. For you 2000 babies that don't know Nelly and Ludacris were at the top of their game in the 2000s. Hits like Nelly's Country Grammar, Air Force Ones, Shake Ya Tailfeather with Diddy, and Luda's Move Bitch, Stand Up, Number One Spot this is going to be so good. Ludacris has always been my favorite and I love Nelly too so this should be super interesting. While I go through my closet to find some Apple Bottoms jeans, a band-aid, and clean off my Air Force Ones, check out who I think should be on Verzuz.

Nelly Vs Ludacris-God answered my prayer

Trina Vs Da Brat-Two bad bitches

Brandy Vs Monica-Think about ladies!

Usher Vs Ginuwine-back in the day heart throbs

Tyresse Vs Joe- I can see this

Trey Songz Vs Chris Brown-Cornrolls vs babyface epic

Lloyd Vs Omarion-They have hits, I just want to see black boy magic happen

Faith Vs Mary-I feel like this would be like watching my Aunties that can sing their faces off battle

112 Vs Dru Hill-Get the choreo ready!

Luke vs Too Short-Ass too Phat vs Bitch!

Jagged Edge Vs Jodeci-90s boy band Special

Tamia Vs Deborah Cox-Stranger in the House Vs Nobody was suppose to be here I can hear the notes now

Keke vs Fantasia-Give me good notes and Hennessy and church music. Take me to the kingdom ladies.

Patti LaBelle vs Chaka Khan......I just wanna hear vocals, old tea and soul food recipes

Dylan vs Dylan Dylan and Dylan- I said what I said LOL

Diddy vs Dr. Dre-is this happening or nah?

Nas vs Jay-Z-Let's just do it for the culture

Beyonce Vs Rihanna- I want to see them having the most healthy, healing, beautiful,  joyful conversation that will break Instagram and our wifi's. Epic I have chills thinking about it.

Destiny Child's 5 Reunion Special Original Members-Pray for this one, shit we might have to pay to see this one.

Until next time on Lady's View

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