Lady's View Episode 5

Chillin on Saturday with my Pimp Juice Ludacris Verzuz Nelly

Baby! I need me a man with Nelly’s energy and Ludacris chill! If you tuned into Verzuz last night, you are still having nostalgia club vibes and want to dance. My shoulders were rocking, I recited rhymes I thought I forgot, crackin, last night was crackin! I’m so happy I got to grow up and appreciate hip hop in the 2000s. I can't believe it has really been 20 years since Ludacris and Nelly came out and left a blueprint in hip hop. Both MCs proved how influential they are in the culture. It was bumpy with Nelly’s sound, video, child everything was wrong. It’s crazy how irritating you can get when the internet isn’t working correctly, it’s like why! Even Teddy Riley laughed and I lived! Everyone in the comments whispered the same prayer because before you knew it Nelly’s 5G signal kicked right in and the show started!

You can tell they have a brotherhood between them, nothing was fake about how they interacted with each other. They even complimented each other’s songs saying what they’re favorite was or how they wish they could’ve hopped on each other versus. Nelly told the story of how BET CEO Debra Lee pulled the cord on BET’s Uncut which showcased the nastiest uncut videos. What set off the cancellation was Nelly’s infamous Tip Drill video. Ludacris also gave props to Nelly putting out a double album which at the time was a super big deal no rapper has done that. I bet a rapper will do it soon thanks to Verzuz. Hopefully when the Rona is over we can get a Nelly Ludacris tour that we deserve. What made this Verzuz more special is Ciara getting the respect she deserves for being the Queen of Crunk, when she dropped her first album, she changed up everything. Black Twitter finally put some respect on my girl name and it’s about damn time. Nobody was performing harder than her back in the day. Ciara has reached legendary status and it was confirmed last night.

We were welcomed to Atlanta and the na-nana--na! I love Nelly so fucking much. I love myself like Nelly loves his music, you can’t tell me nothing. I love his vibe I love how excited he got over his craft, even shit we never heard it before. Lord, the comments got mean when Nelly played a song no one knew. Nelly was feeling the fuck outta his song tho and I was too. Nelly always brings the energy, the crazy rhythm, and the magic he has to the party. I felt like I was in the room with him getting just as hyped as he was. Ludacris can write his ass off. I always said Ludacris is the best rapper because of his rhymes, his delivery, the storytelling, he’s the male Missy Elliot. Even his videos are legendary. Ludacris won my heart with his catalog, and Nelly won my heart with his vibe and the love he has for himself and his music. I love their music, they both won. This ended beautifully with Lovers and Friends and Call On Me Feature Janet Jackson on her birthday and Dilemma Featuring Kelly Rowland.

Word on the street Usher Verzuz Chris Brown might be next, OMG!

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