Lady's View Episode 6

The Entanglement

Jada Smith confirmed an entanglement with singer August Alsina while Jada was still very married in public yet separated from Will Smith in private at the time of this entanglement four years ago. Chile look, Will's face on the Red Table screamed he is still hurt or learning some type of new truth he didn't know before or he had several shots before the filming began. From what I have learned from looking at them on the Red Table Talk they are nothing like the couple I have imagined in my mind, they have regular people shit going on and I still love them. Will and Jada Smith have been our 90s black power couple for so twenty five years, The Fresh Prince and Lena James still going strong, who would've ever thought.

At first I was a little mad Jada didn't apologize to Will about the situation but shit she didn't have to she already did in private. God knows what those conversations were like four years ago or whenever he found out. Jada doesn't owe us a long, detailed explanation about what had happen. All we needed were the facts she provided, with her history of child trauma and why she was with August I believe her. Jada didn't have to tell us shit but as a grown woman she did the right thing, we have all been a Jada, a Will or a August at some point in our lives. Will didn't have to sit there but as a grown man he stood by his wife which is what a man is suppose to do. Women do it all the time when a man cheats, its nice to see a man hold his woman down no matter what she did. We need to see true black love especially in this day in age when its a target in 2020.

It doesn't make sense to spill four year old tea, like bro, you were living in their house

August was super sick, every time we heard about August we heard he was sick and I believe almost dying. So with him getting healthier, looking back on his life and mistakes he wants to clear his conscious and confirm those back in the day rumors. August was twenty three years old at the time, nobody is a grown adult after five years. Being an adult takes time to kick in, there is no magically adult maturity just because you are over eighteen male or female. Its so many situations in your twenties you're not thinking about any consequences later, you can careless until you become wiser. I do think August confessed to the entanglement for two reasons; to sell his new album that's not charting and to hurt Jada's marriage and character. It doesn't make sense to spill four year old tea, like bro, you were living in their house and had an entanglement with a very married woman, you are still very wrong Sir. Then he tried to act like he was innocent with that permission from Will and giving notice before he snitched, oh he tried it. Then he snapped on sister Keke Palmer for no reasons over a tweet she was defending herself in, Keke don't do nothing to nobody! August needs to sit down his career has been a wrap.

Bad marriage for life, where is the lie? I am not married however I feel like the part for better or for worse is real. When you are still married to someone you shouldn't have sex with anyone else until the ink is dry on the divorce papers. Jada did cheat on Will in the most disrespectful way, sis had in home dick, that part. Will has to be the most forgiving person in the world or he knows he did some disrespectful shit as well so he's not pressed about it remember they were both done with each other and Will said he has to get her back, so basically they both with the shits. They also have given us a good example on why couples stay together for so long, working it out, taking breaks, owning up to their mistakes, and staying together for better or for worse, especially when the worse is in front of the whole world. This is why they are our strong, beautiful, 90s black power couple and always will be.

The cops that killed Breonna Taylor are still free.....

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