Lady's View Episode 7

Oh my God! Why is July acting like this?

Nick is the first man in history to get fired, apologize then demand an apology and his job back.

America don't like woke black people, at all, let's get that out the way. If you read, research, watch YouTube, listen to your Elders, and have a brain everything Professor Griff and Nick Cannon were talking about has been said many times before. Unlike everyone else I took the time to listen to the Podcast that was aired on June 23rd, 2020 with Professor Griff an ex member of Legendary rap group Public Enemy . If you listened they were discussing history, ancient times, and basically that in the earlier days white people lived as savages and animals in the caucus mountain, he wasn't stating all Jewish and White people are savages and animals in today's society, he never once said that.

On July 15, 2020 America is mad about this Podcast and Viacom that owns BET, Logo, VH1 and a lot of other channels are upset and fired him from both shows MTV's Wildin Out and The Mask Singer. Nick is the first man in history to get fired, apologize then demand an apology and his job back. I feel like Nick apologized because not only does he have Jewish and White fans but he also has kids with Mariah who is half white and his kids are part white, if I was mixed I would honestly feel some type of way about the statement. I'm sure he's cool with Drake who is Jewish with a white mother and half Jewish son, and Nick may have other Jewish friends so he had to say something for those working relationships he has. With that apology he got his job back on The Mask Singer on Fox's network.

What is shocking about this entire situation is they fired Nick Cannon for his personal Podcast, for his personal opinion and I have heard and seen countless news anchors and radio show host keep their job. I have also seen movies about dinosaurs, cavemen, and Tarzan that are million dollar projects. Is that not some savage animal behavior going on? The caveman dragging the girl by her hair, no bath, no grooming, eating raw meat, ripped raggedy clothes, the from monkey to man concept was that not taught in school? Black people aren't portrayed as cavemen or Tarzan in movies or cartoons so who is? I'll leave it at that.

This morning Nick stated he was done with this earth because his own people didn't have his back and he going to heaven. I can relate to that statement because after seeing hundreds of black women, men, and kids die behind the hands of the police and no justice served, Breonna Taylor's killers still free, Eljiah's killers in different police departments, makes you think well shit, heaven gotta be better than this. Sometimes, you go to that place in your sadness but the important part is get out of it. Nick Cannon ain't going nowhere. Nick's Podcast was amazing, there were a lot of great points, clarity, and it filled my soul to keep researching and studying. I'm happy I took the time to listen to the Podcast before I judged. I do pray and hope they don't do nothing to him this is one leader I want to keep.

This is not Hot Girl shit

I want Megan to Win!

Tory Lanez shot Megan thee Stallion allegedly. First she had glass in her foot, then she shot up now allegedly he shot Megan. Why is there a cover-up for this obvious domestic violence situation? We knew when the story broke out something did not sound right, ain't nobody stupid. Megan did come out and say someone tried to physically harm her and cause her pain, she didn't say it was Tory but if it wasn't, why hasn't she said who shot her? Why is Tory arrested? If he had a gun that was never fired then he shouldn't be in jail, especially if its registered? So what is really going on?

I like Megan. Some of her songs are catchy and dope. She's been out longer than I realized and her star is shinning with her latest single " Girls in the Hood", that's my shit! She did her thang with the Easy-E beat, and the BET performance, sis also a judge on Legendary so she is winning! Tory Lanes......has an up and down career. He's not charting in the top ten or two hundreds, he's a great artist but he's not doing as well as he could be. Could he have a temper so big he has been his own worse enemy? I don't know much about him, the most clout he has gotten is from being with Megan to me.

I want Megan to win! I hope she tells us her story. Right now it sounds like a complete cover up situation. I get it , you don't want to hurt his career but sis you are the victim. We see you dancing in the videos and doing your thing and this bastard shot your foot because you wanted to leave? Fuck him! Fuck his career! He did that when he did what he did. I see why she has this on and off again relationship with him because it's obvious he's very violent and there is no coming back from this. Megan stand up for all women and let them know this is not hot girl shit this is wrong, no man or woman should ever treat anyone like this. I stand with you and love you.

Why I hate Fatal Affair on Netflix

My best friend would never! Not over some dick

Finally after all the hype Netflix dropped Fatal Affair which stared Nia Long (Elle) and Omar Epps (David) which I was super excited about watching. I watched it first thing in the morning and I will never watch it again. I love me some Nia Long and Omar Epps they are legends in the acting game and have stared in some great films, just not this one. If you haven't watched it then watch it now because I'm about to spoil the hell out of it for you.

What bothered me the most was the club scene. Elle and David's scene in the bathroom was awkward from the first kiss to her leaving. Maybe that's how they meant to have it but it was so unbelievable like the actors had an argument before the director yelled action. Bro was sprung after one kiss? Not believable anymore he too old no matter how crazy he is. Plus all the acting was super dry, the only scene that gave me life is when Elle hid behind the counter with the laptop when David came in his house. Baby! That scene made me shout, reminds me of taking a man's phone and hiding when he come out the shower LMAO. I don't know maybe the checks weren't cleared or something but the acting alone is strike one.

David after this awkward kiss is obsessed with Elle won't stop at nothing to get to her including watching her in her sleep in her house, playing golf with her husband, and dating her best friend Courtney. Courtney knowing this man is a computer hacker and knowing David for a hot minute, takes his side not believing her best friend Elle when she says he's a stalker and dangerous. My best friend would never! Not over some dick. This part is unbelievable plus keyword COMPUTER HACKER, me and my best friend would've done a background check and called our brothers to handle that ass. We live in a world where fake emails, phone numbers, text messages and videos are very real. How could she not believe her? Strike two.

We get to the end, its confirmed David is crazy and he will kill Elle and her family with no problem. After fighting this man on a cliff with your husband winning, you mean to tell me when David went off the cliff Elle tried to save him? This the same man that beat up your best friend, been stalking you since college, killed your daughters boyfriend, and now you want to save him? WHHHHHHHHY are black women constantly the savior in the movie no matter how wrong the other character is? Why are we teaching kids especially black girls to save the psychotic black man? Save the narcissistic? Save the killer? Ain't no way in hell I would try to save someone trying to harm my family, Christian or not, baby that's God's way for him to go off the cliff! What the hell you doing? This narrative has to to end it is not healthy. This is what Nick Cannon meant in his Podcast when he said they control the narrative, because this is a repeated narrative of black women being the savior. Beyonce in Obsessed, tried to save the woman that came in her house and touched her child! We are not here to save anyone, we are trying to survive our damn selves and keep it pushing, if you want to make us the hero then let the black woman stomp the hands next time a little torture something! I would've became a power ranger real quick. Hated it.

Praying for Tamar Braxton

Today the blogs reported Tamar Braxton was rushed to the hospital for possibly trying to commit suicide by taking pills and alcohol. I love me some Tamar Braxton, I am still mad at The Real for firing her. I love some of her songs, I think she has a great voice. Her personality is fun, funny, a little extra, and real. Tamar has a son, went through a divorce but has a new man (I think they are still together), and I just saw her guest judge on Legendary. I love her fight in the music industry, once she got her shot she did not disappoint. I hope she didn't try to kill herself and I hope she pulls through. I hope she seeks help for the real issue. I love me some Tamar and all the Braxton sisters I just want her to be okay.

It's Friday and it's been one hell of a week.

Breonna Taylor's killers are still free Elijah Mcclain killers are still free
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