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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I am Tired

I am tired of seeing a few things; homeless fine black men on the streets, fine black men being in jail for over thirty years for something they did not do, fine black men going missing and having their organs missing, fine black men coming out butt naked with their hands up and the police put a bag over their head and shoots him in the head, a black man I believe trying to stop a fight or causing a fight, walks to his van and gets shot eight times in the back and is now paralyzed from the waist down and handcuffed in a hospital bed. As a black woman I’m tired every week seeing another black man, black woman, black child is murdered by the police.

I’m sick and tired of the same excuses, he reached for a knife, he had a gun, he resisted, we all know by now that it’s bullshit. I’m tired of the media telling black people to vote, to call our representatives, to sign petitions, yet the same thing keeps happening to us over and over again. Do you realize since 1950 they have been telling us to do this same thing over and over again and NOTHING has changed and black people been voting, calling their representatives and signing petition and all we get is a BLACK LIVES MATTER painted on a fucking major street and I’m supposed to feel safe? I’m supposed to feel protected. I’m supposed to feel American.

We when we all clearly see the crime being committed and yet we must ask for justice? I’m tired of waking up to video evidence of an innocent black man, women and kids being killed point blank by the police and that Officer gets a paid leave of absence for murder. I’m tired of the media not acknowledging black transwomen being killed and my community not feeling protected, I am tired as hell. There are so many unsolved murders of transgender women and men and no one talks about it. No names are remembered, and no justice is served. Why? Why are we separating the issue by straight or gay when it’s the same fight?

No other race of people goes through what we go through, but fear keeps up down, it really does. No other race sees their race getting killed the most in 2020 but ours. We have to have a talk with our kids about the dos and don’t of the police because they are never ever held accountable for their actions? Why can’t black people live their fucking lives? Why do we have to be tired? All these protests didn’t do anything but change how we are killed. They banned choking but shooting is okay? Once shooting is banned then what? We will be tased to death? I am ashamed to live in this country and I wish to God I can go to a country where black people are loved and appreciated instead of living in a country where, we are hunted, tortured and murdered daily. Ghana anyone?


WAP (What about Power)

Cardi B and Megan the Stallion released WAP (Wet Ass Pussy) weeks ago and broke the internet and hit a billion views on You Tube in like three days which no other video in history has ever done that. The video is eye catching, its basically a house of animal print fantasy. Shoutout the bringing back the cluster curl hairstyle. The song is catchy if you a freak you like the song and I like the song. I feel like Megan bodied the shit out of her verses like Cardi had to keep Megan’s energy because she was bringing the fire. HOWEVER! AGAIN! I’m sick of women saying they want to be sexual liberated and be sexual free, when Lil Kim kicked in the door in 1995 setting us free with her iconic bars and outfit with her boob out at the 1999 MTV VMAs, and Millie Jackson unlocked the door before that matter fact Lil Kim should’ve been in one of those rooms in the video. I understand how frustrated Kim is, I mean the only rapper that did right by her was Remy. I have stated in previous blogs that female rap is in trouble all female rap is becoming is porn with rhymes.

Why do all the female rappers talk about getting money, having sex, and having Hot girl summers in every single song? There are no female rappers for the regular smart, independent, working, got a 401k, family, kids, being a Mom, having drama, ex relationships, abusive relationships, balling in the mall, I mean there are so many things female rappers can rap about. I wouldn’t mind hearing some hardcore I beat his ass because he cheated music; I mean anything is better than hearing sexually explicit songs 24/7. I do like the song and will rap Megan's verse in the car, but women don’t have to make every single rap song about sex! Why don’t we have ladies anymore? Classy ladies. Female rap didn’t start this way and this hoe culture needs to end. Cardi don’t cook or clean because she got a whole maid that cooks and cleans, ladies please don’t believe the BS if you ain’t worth millions of dollars your ass betta cook and clean! I’m tired of these women saying they’re not role models and you didn’t sign up for it when actually you are and you did when you signed your soul to the record label. What about your power in the music industry to bring awareness to what women really go through?


Lovecraft County is EVERYTHING!

This show is amazing in every way. It’s refreshing to have a black sci-fi drama show like Lovecraft Country but more refreshing and frightening to think about the little rights our people had back then and are still fighting for now, to be equal. Episode 3 Holy Ghost, shook me to the core. Jurnee Smollet's character Letitia Dandrige moved into a thirteen-bedroom house that was haunted. Sis moved in the neighborhood and her white neighbors gave her hell. Leaving a car horn on all day and all night. After she busted the windows out their vehicle (which gave me everlasting life) she was arrested, not the three white men harassing her, she was arrested and beat up in the back of the police car, for simply trying to live and have something better for herself. The part that made my soul cry is the house was haunted by black men, women and children killed by a racist scientist testing on them, torturing them. Sis had to call those spirits to help her banish the scientist out of the house, something about that scene moved me to unstoppable tears.

I know this is a fictional show but I thought about the reality of how real this could’ve been. Can you imagine someone you love being tortured because of their race, experimented on because of their race? Being injected with poison because of their race? Having their organs removed and sold because of their race, and this is happening now in 2020 to my Black race. It broke my heart of how true this reality is, how much of a reality this is for the missing black men and women that go missing every year and get no media attention because of their race. It breaks my heart in 2020 we are still being mistreated because we are black kings and queens. Whoever is writing and producing his show, please keep up the good work and keep bringing the history lessons.

Watching While Grown

I love and hate Girlfriends season 1-6 makes me CRINGE

Man, I love this show I love the bond between these women, the loyalty, the fashion and the actresses I love the actresses on this show. This is an iconic show that is hard to put into words how I feel about it now. When this show came on it was so funny, and the stories were crazy. It was a show about four working class black women going through love, life, relationships, and remaining friends. When I was in high school this show came out on and it was refreshing to see four black women on TV in a positive light. Living Single was canceled, and we didn’t have that show with an all-female bond. Me now, being grown watched the entire season before Netflix put the season out on Friday. That positive light went out quickly. Its like black women were portrayed to be stereotypes and not black women from season one to season six the show made me cringe and questioned is this the same show I loved? I told you these movies and TV shows hit different when you’re grown so hear me out.

Toni Childs. Ugh, she hated the color of her skin and never spoke about it again, then she marries a white man and has a good hair baby as she says repeatedly on the show. She treated Greg like trash and cheated with a Dr. that gave her chlamydia chasing that money and lifestyle. She marries her white fantasy doctor Todd who used his white privilege to get custody of their daughter manipulating Toni every step of the way until he comes to his senses in court. Toni pretended to be strong but was the weakest character on the show.

Lynn is having more sex than she can keep a job and a place to stay and is always finding herself using her friends along the way. Every man she got with she found a way to not be with him yet this musty lead singer in a band gets you all torn up? Huh? The same Lynn that is so free? When Lynn finally started to find herself with her singing and watching her grind for her dream, would've been nice to see in earlier episodes. In season five her friends did get her together which made her stronger in season 7 & 8.

Mya had a husband that wouldn’t listen to her so she seeks attention with another man in the most disrespectful way and expects Darnell to forgive and forget yet Darnell was letting his coworker feed him strawberries and instead of you the man moving out leaving your wife and mother of your child you have her and your child leave? Honestly I was praying for a Mya Darnell spin off show because the growth of their characters was amazing. They went through a LOT, yet still made everything work taking the space to find themselves and work things out. When Mya got on pills it left a cliff hanger of her getting the help she needed? Or did they adopt, we'll never know.

William wanted to change every woman he was with and should’ve been a gay character all the signs are there honey he didn’t like women. William had Mommy issues from season one until the last season and bro needed therapy. Monica did get William together at the end of the day and was the realist character on the show. The only thing I didn’t like about her was she was the mean black woman clawing her way to the top using a man for success when she should’ve focused on herself and her own success. Instead she wanted to makeover William thinking his success is hers.

Joan’s character was the desperate, stereotypical I need a man any man to be happy black woman. She was so annoying how she would change for a man, let a man disrespect her but yet she would be controlling in every situation and wouldn’t see anyone’s feelings but hers. It's like she would put herself in a situation knowing it can be bad then gets mad at how bad it is. The actor with the baby mama, when they didn't get along the first time she should've let him go, but desperate Joan gave him a chance and he put her through some humiliating stuff. Every man except for Aaron was horrible for her and when she finally was happy with Aaron, they write him out the show low-key?

Really so you put the black woman though eight years of unsuccessful relationships to deploy her man? Damn! Don’t get me started on the mentally abusive relationship between Toni and Joan. Baby! Toni should’ve got her ass whooped in a few episodes. All I’m saying is this is not the most positive show about black women. We needed Girlfriends to have The Game to have Single Ladies, Queen Sugar and have Insecure, so it walked so these shows could run and show more realistic, positive black men and women. There are some episodes of Girlfriends I like but overall, its not a show I’m excited about anymore. Some of these shows seem to laugh at us than laugh with us now that I'm grown.

Our Beloved Superhero

What hurts the most about Chadwick Boseman passing away on August 28th 2020 is we didn’t know he was battling stage 4 colon cancer and we didn’t get to say goodbye. We watched Black Panther so many times we felt like we knew him and wanted to see him grow as an actor. This gorgeous man was battling colon cancer while playing our beloved King and superhero in Black Panther. This hurt felt like the wind was knocked out of me and my blood relative died. I cried for three days and watched Black Panther like five times but when the movie ends and reality sets in then I must realize he is truly gone. He never told anyone he was sick, not his cast, not the crew, nobody knew, he fought a hard battle in complete silence. I remember seeing him underweight in a post and thought like everyone else he’s preparing for another role, maybe a cancer patient, no one knew he was battling cancer in real life, his life was no movie. I will miss his spirit being here on earth, what I learned from him is to fight and keep going because that's what he did in silence. We have to honor our actors while their here. We never know until its too late. May he rest in paradise.

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