Lady's View Episode 9 They still kill us

Here we are America, Sept 23, 2020 waiting 194 days for justice for Breonna Taylor's murder and they indicted one Officer for endangering the neighbors for shooting bullets in the wall, but not one indictment for her murder, not fucking one.

What did you expect?

America put black celebrities on the cover of Time Magazine

But won't stop killing us

America gave 6 emmys to Black Actors and Actress

But won't stop killing us

Painted major streets with Black Lives Matter, painted murals of those murdered by police

But won't stop killing us

Netflix and Hulu gave black people all our beloved shows back on demand

But won't stop killing us

A white woman gets was it one month or two in the prison she chooses for College fraud

But won't stop white privilege or killing us

A 17 year old white man walked calmly with a AR-15 and killed two people and the president called him a victim

The President doesn't care if they killing us

These commercials have become urban demanding our attention like let's put Flo'ridas get low in a Ralph's commercial or put cripsy chicken in a taco to a hip hop beat

And won't stop killing us

The Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villianueva challenges LeBron James to put up money to catch a unknown suspect that shot but not kill two Officers

But won't invest his own money to stop killing us

Vote vote vote.....they tell us to vote for change yet Rodney King ( not killed), Tamar Rice, Sandra Bland, George Floyd were still killed by the police. Where was the change? The President doesn't stop them from killing us

The House of representatives wore kente cloth so show they stand with Black lives yet there is still no law, no consequences and no justice for us being killed by the police

Hashtag this hastag that

They still kill us

Walking home and mysterious found hanging from a tree the next day and told it was suicide

They still kill us

You have to sit with you black son and daughter and give them dos and don't when it comes to the police

Because they still kill us

A black couple driving home during a protest gets pulled and beaten out of their vehicle while a group of white teens drive by unharmed

Because they will still kill us

They like to scare us

Sending postcards of lynched black people

Hunt us while we go for a morning jog

Tell us we fit the description

Every black person shot is armed so basically every black person stopped by the police has a gun what the fuck are the odds

Watch every nationality come in this country with a visa and buy a business

Yet we can't have reparations for the horror our ancestors endured

Because they don't give a fuck about us

We have to take a deep breath when behind or in front of a police car because it can be our last ride

We have to take a deep breathe when opening our door for the police

Because they might kill us

We have to watch over and over and over and over again and watch someone with the same skin color as me get killed by the police

They keep us scared

They keep us mad

They keep us in rage

That rage turns into pure hate

There is no love for the police

There is no empathy for the police

Because until they stop killing us

Whatever karma comes their way is basically justice served

America will never be right with Black people so don't expect it

Because this country has been killing us during and after slavery

They will never stop killing us thats all they know

America is a bully black people are the victim

When the victim is pushed to the limit what do you think will happen to the bully..............

Until next time on the Lady's View

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