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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Juneteenth been a holiday y'all just catching up

I find it funny that all black people want is to be treated equally and a hate crime bill for us getting killed by the police, Klan and racist people and all he has done for us is make Juneteeth a federal holiday. This means nothing to me because I grew up celebrating this day period. I grew up going to African festivals on or around Junteeth, my Mother taught me about this day every year and we would celebrate it. Like this is something he didn't have to do. I'm tired of the deflection and we ain't seem Miss. Kamala since she went into Office but she brings her ass out for Juneteeth when she should be helping back women not go through hell when being pregnant or delivering a baby, helping black people get equal rights and treated equally in this country. I mean there are 101 things sis can be doing for black community and yet she sits quiet like a mouse in church on 1st Sunday. I am not impressed with this presidency and will probably never vote again in my life. Don't get it twisted I voted for Kamala and not for Biden I smell his racist tendency from a mile away. Black America just ate it up.

These Bonnets Black Women STOP

I have never been so happy that Academy Award winner and comedian Monique said something because it makes me cringe especially those big ass bonnets that look like balloons. I have seen black men on my timeline wearing bonnets talking about supporting black women when they don't support black women being attacked by a racist men while at work, on the street, or in general talking about that's not my girl sister or Mom. I don't see black men support black women when were also out there protesting marching and fighting for your life. I don't see black men marrying and creating a black family with a black woman because other races are more submissive than us when we being having your back before and after slavery. With that being said, do not sit your goofy ass up here and support this bullshit and not support the real shit black women go through on a daily. You look like a clown with a bonnet on your head.

Black women we are too creative for our own good we have beautiful pattern head scarfs, we have wigs attached to hats, we have ponytails, we have gel to lay down that short short hair, we have wigs we have regular hats we can do better than walk outside with a bonnet on our head. All a bonnet is is a pretty shower cap that you cannot get wet and the only time a women would go outside in a shower cap is we going next door from the beauty shop to get some food n the conditioner is set in.

We have come too far as black women from our hair being banned to wear in public with Tigons law, to California passing the crown act that lets us wear our natural hair to walking outside in pajamas and a bonnet. Representation is everything and with that being said going outside in a bonnet and pajamas makes you look lazy, ignorant and trashy as fuck. That's how I feel about it, I feel like your grandparents should slap the life out of you for going outside looking like that I know my Mama and grandma would. It's just lazy and it needs to stop. Can you believe they tried to band us from wearing our natural hair and we were forced to wear headwraps for like 50 years? And you sitting yo ass in a bonnet thinking you a bad bitch. No ma'am.

Megan vs Dababy

Oh I heard about Megan and Dababy goin back n forth on Twitter. So rapper Dababy and her ex Tory Lanes are doing a song together. Then Dababy liked a tweet about both of them shooting someone and getting off and Miss. Megan is pissed. If you remember Tory Lanes allegedly shot Megan in the foot back in 2020 before or around Covid. All I gotta say to Megan is sis shut up. Dababy is not your man husband or side nigga. If he wanna make a song with Tory Lanes that might not even chart let him do that. Girl get your coins up, stop talking about your coochie on every record and move the on. I wouldn't have said shit on twitter because now you look pressed as fuck with three non deserving grammys under your belt and its pathetic. There is no loyalty in the music industry especially when it comes to rappers, women and money. You need to work on your performances because I've seen the same twerks and outfits in your other performances and its BORING.

Plus you won based off a Beyonce feature, the song was ok in my opinion but until you get a Grammy as a solo artist you ain't doing nothing special, you're basically sharing a Grammy sis (BE MAD I DON'T CARE SIS IS SHARING A GRAMMY PERIOD). My shit was Girls in the Hood and that should've won something and got more radio play. I try to like her but she's boring me, I'm bored with her talking about her coochie in every record give me something I can say she said that yassss sis but she just doesn't. I'm sick of all these female rappers twerking and calling themselves thots. Now her new song Thot Shit is kind of cute but last time I check it meant "that hoe over there" I almost fought a man for calling me a thot on God. Out of all the words Queen shit Grown shit Sexy shit she choose thot. SO now its a generation growing up thinking that's cute to say and call women its not. She need to tell her fans to get a summer job and go to class because that is who really listens to her music these 2000s kids . My advice is to pay no mind to what Dababy and Tory doin and do you give us moooooore of Megan and less of the hoeism I just feel like thats not who she is and its who shes become for the fame.

Gorrilla Glue Woman Sit Down

I am sick and tired as fuck of hearing about this grown woman that "accidentally " put Gorrilla glue on her hair to lay it down then discovered its not for hair its for gluing wood , crafts and has nothing to do with hair. Then she got donations to get the glue removed which a black doctor did it for free. Since then she has now come out with a hair product for women trying to lay down their hair. I wouldn't trust her with my cats hair let alone mine. The whole thing always felt like a scam so she can come up and get attention. She ruined black history month with her bullshit and I just want her to go away. Everyone on social media should not be famous for dumbass mistakes. I believe she knew what she was doing and did it on purpose for a come up. Gorilla glue is not even in the hair section and if she claims it is then I wanna see the video footage of her getting it from the hair section. If we gonna cancel anybody please Black America cancel Gorrilla dumbass grown ass woman.

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