Lil Kim forever the Queen of Rap

Updated: May 10, 2020

On October 11, 2019, Lil Kim released 9 her fifth studio album. As a huge Lil Kim fan, I have been following her since Notorious KIM dropped in 2000 to when she started dropping mixtapes in 2011, her last mixtape Lil Kim Season, was the best mixtape she dropped in 2016. You could tell her flow advanced to a different level than what other female rappers were doing at the time. With her album 9 you can tell she has been keeping up with the times with her catchy rhymes, her sound is of today and should be played on the radio station.

Go Awff is her first single that makes you wanna put on your best outfit and strut down the invisible runway. Bag, is one of those tracks I can see myself with an adult beverage, lip syncing to my life to in the mirror. She addressed a lot of things that fans understand. I love how with all her albums she raps with a bunch of dudes like on Jet Fuel, it’s her track but she lets the guys shine on her track. Kim always shows love to men and women in hip hop, she respects those in the game and gets respect for not beefing and not wanting others to shine. Kim shows its enough room for everybody with her next single Found You with City Girls and OT Genasis. Its cute, she gives you that nasty Lil Kim you’re use to. Its actually the only raunchy track she has compared to past albums.

My top three tracks on this album are be Pray for Me with Rick Ross and Musiq Soulchild. Kim's last verse is like a timeline of her life in the music industry and how she’s been working, getting money and paying the price for being in the world of the streets. My girl is singing and I am here for it! Sang Kimberly! If you know Kim, you know she's gonna sing at some point and I love it. My second favorite is “Auto Blanco”, I felt every single word in my soul. I love her flow. Kim always mentions Biggie Christopher Wallace in her songs what made her verse extra special is adding Tupac . It takes you back, makes you remember how long and how far she has come in hip hop. She made it and Kim is still here in 2020 sitting back in her Queen chair with this album.

My favorite track is You Are Not Alone, it gives you Hardcore vibes in today’s time. Its her strongest track, the beat, her flow, her singing, her homage to MJ, its just one of those tracks your shoulders gonna rock to. Kim plans to release part two of the album and I cannot wait. I own 2 physical copies of 9 thanks to Amazon and on Google Music. Kim proved she is still Queen reaching number 7 on Billboards R&B/Hip Hop Album sales and number 5 on US Rap Album sales and 16 on US Independent Album sales which proves the fans still wanna hear the Queen Bee. Just recently her album reached number 12 on iTunes and 8 of Kim's videos are charting on iTunes from The Jump Off to Go Awff and I'm here for it! All the eras of Lil Kim are charting. Epic, Lil Kim is forever the queen of rap. I’m looking forward to part two of 9 and her tour with Faith Evans after the Rona is ova. Baby it's always Lil Kim season.

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