Lost in The Music Episode 1

You know what’s been on my mind? Different artist that did not get the credit they deserved for breaking in the music industry and setting it on fire. All these artists slowly faded away, like what happened? I love some good R&B music and most of the good R&B music kicked off during the 90s and 2000s and the 10s faded and rebirthed in the 20s in my opinion. Let’s face it how many R&B tracks do you hear on the radio today? The old and good ones.

Let’s jump right in shall we.


BABY this my girl and you can’t tell me nothing. She was robbed during her album second album in 2005 Touch, that should’ve won every Grammy, music video award, everything! Her voice is so powerful! I’ve seen her sing in person back in the day, she opened for Destiny’s Child and Beyonce stole Amerie’s swag and sound. Bday that dropped in 2006 was homage to Touch. You cannot listen to both albums and tell me there are no similarities. Amerie could’ve gave Beyonce a big, huge run for her money. I said what I said. All I need, Talkin About, Can We Go featuring Carl Thomas, Like it Used to Be, the whole damn album is such a classic and I hate until this day she didn’t get the credit she deserved.


Baby Cassie got with Diddy and never looked back after her appearance in Step Up, and her hit song s“Long Way to Go” and “Me and You” I knew she was going places. Cassie is gorgeous, she seems like she’s a cool down to earth chick. Cassie blessed us with a mixtape in 2013 called “RockaByeBaby” and she showed us that yasssss she is still that bitch! She came through on some grown woman shit, sexy, sassy, and bossy. Take Care of Me, Paradise, Bad Bitches, all hit records. I hope now that’s she’s married to Alex Fine with a new baby that in a few years or so she gets back out there and take her throne back. Cassie has so much potential I just want her to come back and make bitches eat it!


Anyone that truly knows me knows I’m a huge Shareefa fan and during college in 2006 baby I played the shit outta her album in my dorm. Anyone that lived with me or was around me knows a Shareefa song or two because of Lady Ray OKAY! Need a Boss was my theme song, then Trippin, Butterfly, Fevah off her first album Point of No Return. She was on Ludacris label and that was when Luda was on that number one spot. Everyone had a woman on the team Murder Ink had Ashanti, Terror Squad had Remy Ma, and Ludacris had Shareefa on his team. Something happened rather the industry was too much, or she didn’t chart as well as he thought she would but she’s been independent making singles here and there. Her voice is still powerful and I hope someday she gets the credit she deserves for making those hits that got me through.


When I first saw her in her mohawk on 106 and Park with Ludacris and she performed R.P.M and the way she raps is on some Twister shit. Like if her and Da Brat were in a battle, I don’t know who would survive. Shawnna gave me life. Shawnna came so fucking hard, like she really raps like one of the guys but is a sexy ass woman. Her first album Worth Tha WeightI believe she wrote that for Chicago like she really bodied where she is from and who she is and her hometown at the time. I like felt her pain, her life, her love and especially her hustle. And Baby when Getting Some Head came out ooooooh that was for the ladies and you know damn well I bumped the entire fuck outta that song. Women rappers would talk about sexy but when that first 18 seconds come on you knew some epic shit was going down. Shawnna come back we need you. Do it for Chicago!

Let me know who you think never got the credit they deserved Until next time

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