Today in Black History

On this day of black history, March 27th 2022 , Will Smith smacked the shit outta Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smiths shaved head, due to her alopecia by calling her GI Jane. On the good side Will finally won best actor for King Richard and its been long time coming.

It looked fake but when you see Will's face after you know its real. All the backstage footage and unedited clips baby its real real. For years people think Will is this happy go lucky guy that doesn't get mad, always laughing, always on. The reality is we don't know him at all, well if you read his book you have an idea. Most comedians have pain behind the laughs. For years since he married to Jada its been the rumors of open marriage, Jada having an entanglement with singer August Alsina, Will being called on the downlow with other celebrity men, Will being called soft over the years, Will being talked about for years and years. At some point you gonna show them who you are NOT.

I'm not mad at Will. He's been holding that in for years and they don't deserve that. When you think about their marriage you see the love, the support, the work. All jokes aside they are a powerful black celebrity couple. With this people have been disrespecting the fuck out of Jada since she admitted to the entanglement with August and they been moved on from it. I believe Will had enough of her being disrespected and the Westside Philadelphia came out tonight.

Will apologized to the Academy during his speech. He also said in the industry you have to be disrespected and try to smile and pretend it doesn't bother you clearly tonight he was done with the jokes. This is also the second time Chris Rock joked about the Smiths a few years ago when they boycott the Oscars. Now we see why. And I bet they won't return anymore.

They better not put Will in jail we are not doing this. Did anybody hear the theme song to Everybody Hates Chris when he got smacked. He gave him a Mike Lowery wild wild west slap.

Baby everyday is black history.

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